Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some photos to share...

...OK, I have LOTS of photos!!!  I've not been on here for a while, so I guess it is time for some catch up.  Here we go... 
                    Christmas eve, the boys set out a Santa snack before bed.

Christmas morning they had to look for the pickle before any present opening:

 Opening up the stockings:

 Gifts from Mommy and Daddy - PLAYMOBILE!!!! (we heart playmobile)

 Baby Jesus was found!!!
story:  Brad has a lot of Nativity sets - including a playmobile one.  Ethan hid some of the parts about 1 week prior to Christmas...and we found all of them (except for the baby Jesus), so Brad ended up putting the set away NEVER to be played with again...Christmas morning, Brad finds baby Jesus at the bottom of his stocking. 
The quote:  "Ethan is either  a good jokster, or a great theologeon", Brad

 There is a challenge from the Scrapping Nook to neaten up our scrapping spaces.  My space isn't very messy...but it is in the corner of the dining area and this is what the bedroom looked like.  (what you don't see is the 5 grocery bags in my closet FULL of crap!!!  And also, some of the completed albulms were on the piano, and the rest were on the games shelf in the office.

here is the new smaller shelf (before the big one was built - so it did neaten it up a bit)

and here is the after...
now, that green bag is the 6th to go through, (and it is mostly letter stickers - so I need to find a system for those), and my new wheelie cart is still in the dining area - but it is a BIG improvement.  The only books that didn't fit were my original 8 1/2 x 11...so there are 5 books still in the office.

 So, that has been my week and 1/2.  I had a great birthday.  My BFF Penny came up for NYE, and my parents came on Sunday.  I got my membership at the Owen Sound Y, and have signed up for stuff - and WENT on Monday.  So I think 2011 is off to a great start thus far.



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