Wednesday, September 7, 2011

back to the 100 photo challenges at the Scrapping Nook

I hope I can start to catch up - we've taken lots of photos, and I haven't posted them in a while.  Enjoy.

#72 - a family picnic (as set up by Ethan)

#71 Hiking - we hiked this small trail in Southampton to collect our "explore the Bruce" punch:

#3 moon light through trees.  I thought this was quite interesting - I took the photo at about 11 am:

#77 Noah is building a sandcastle:

#2 Just the water:

#79 summer pedicure (for 2011 this = no pedicure)

#53 foot prints in the sand or mud - how about racoon "footprints" on a lawn chair?!

#40 Weiners over a fire:

#1 sunset over water 

#52 watermelon up close:

#42 summer salads:


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