Monday, September 26, 2011

went to a wedding

...and here is some of the fun!

before the wedding, we checked into our hotel - Noah was excited because it had beds and a sink! (that was about all it had going for it)

Ethan at the church waiting for the ceremony to begin:

Miles and Grace:

Christie and her parents:

Pr. Doug Reble, Christie and Mark:

The teariest speach I've ever heard in a while:

The coolio (and yummy) cake:

Most beautiful table decorations:

crayons to colour with:

Noah colouring: (before dinner)  His toungue is out because he was colouring, not because he was giving me a raspberry!

Ethan colouring (during the speaches and dessert) there just wasn't enough room for him at the table:

Noah just couldn't last the whole time: (it was about 9pm)

Ethan didn't make it either (about 9pm)

cutting the cake:

first dance:

It was a lovely day on Friday September 23, 2011.  We had a fantastic time, and are so glad that Auntie Christie has married Mark.


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