Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trip to the ROM and the Jays

On Friday, we went to the ROM and saw the Jays BEAT the Yankees 5-4 in the bottom of the 9th.  Loads of fun (and a lot of walking).  Here are some photos.  (some of which I will be using at the Scrapping Nook's summer photo experience, btw!!)

Here we are in front of the ROM (just about 4 blocks or so away from Penny's apartment) and Ethan is hiding behind Brad.

Ethan would alow me to take his photo, but not the nice lady who offered so we could all be together.

Ethan in front of a large dinosaur skeleton.  He wanted to jump in the photo to be flying just like the turtle!

Here, Ethan is digging for dinosaur bones and fossels.

The boys loved the ships - there were lots of paintings and a few models.

Look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up - and here we are.  A couple right in front of us were the "go closer to home" contest winners, and got to move from this stunning view, to be right above the Jays' dugout. (they may have been hit by a ball later in the game, as many foul balls went in that direction)

Noah and I enjoying the game

Penny and Ethan enjoying the game.

Noah brought teddy with his Jay's outfit to enjoy the game.

Careful! don't blink - you may miss Bautista being walked again! (4x btw)

It must have been a long day, because in the 8th inning, Ethan fell asleep, and Noah tried, but by the bottom of the 9th, he just couldn't do it any more!
(about 10:30 pm)



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