Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st Day of Christmas challenge

I know it is December 1st!  Our computer went into the computer hospital for a while ~ like over 2 weeks! YIKES!  It has a whole new hard drive (so it is basically a new computer).  They were able to save most of the data which was awesome!!!!  So I've been catching up with many things the last couple of days.  Here we are...

The Scrapping Nook is having a 12 days of Christmas challenge.  Apparently, it is snowing at the scrapping nook today, so the challenge is to post a photo with snow in it.  I have no recent ones yet, so I posted this:

This is Noah in Janurary 2008 - what a chubby little cutie!!!  We were shovelling that day.

Grandma Dee is also putting out a daily challenge.  For December, she is challenging us to a daily photo, so we will scrapbook December when January is here.  This is what I submitted:

Today was the first day we opened a window in the advent house.  We found 4 chocolate coins!  What a great way to start the day.  I'm hoping I can do these challenges.  Making a december "daily" book will be really cool.  Maybe if I get good at it, I could do that 365 challenge????


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