Saturday, December 11, 2010

December daily - day 11

The importance of this, you ask?   This is the time this morning that Noah woke up.  Now for many families this could be an early time.  For some families it could be a normal time...but for this family it ment that I got to sleep in almost 2 HOURS.  I know!  Can you believe it.  That is why this is my photo for today.  Happy morning, and happy Mommy.  The afternoon so far has been pretty good too.

I'm working on a submission for Scrapbook and Cards Today, so I'm not sure if I can post it, or if I have to wait and see if I'm selected.  I'll have to check the rules first.


1 comment:

  1. I so know what you mean :) I used to say .."if only he will sleep until 7" Maybe this will be a new trend for you? Merry Christmas
    Thank for the smile. :)