Friday, December 10, 2010

December daily - day 10

Today the Christmas tree went up!  There were some lights that didn't work when Brad took them out of the boxes, so I was sent to the Home Hardware, downtown Wiarton for only "400-500 lights, that's all, we don't need many"  (according to Brad).  Off I go, and there was only 3 boxes of mixed coloured lights left on the shelf - 2x100 and 2x50, so I bought them. They also had quite a few boxes of plain blue or green.  So I took a few of those...and then was sent back to the store to return the single coloured ones as "they don't fit with the ones we have".  And then went across the street to the V&S...low and behold, they were even a bit cheaper!  So now, I think there must be over 1000 lights on our tree...

My photo today is this:
two snow people sharing a single branch

Cropping tonight at Karen's Creations!  Hope to get the baggie toppers done for the hotchocolate mix that Donna and I put together this past Monday.


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