Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a bit behind on the December daily...

here we go...
Thursday Dec 16
Brad took the boys to a mall in Guelph while I was at my appointment (more on that later).  They went to Kernals, and got themselves each a bucket of popcorn.

Friday Dec 17
Noah after dinner on Friday night

Saturday Dec 18

                            no photo - camera
                             needed a charge!

Sunday Dec 20
(I got two...due to the malfunction on Satruday)

Noah curling (what great form!!!)

Ethan "watching" the curling (cheesy smile!)

Monday Dec 21
Brad got the train track on Thursday in Mount Forest - (It is Thomas) however, the boys thought that Daddy's other train would look good on the track too...and it goes faster!

Tuesday Dec 21:
completed wrapping all of the presents for this year today!!!  I love that the boys enjoy the curled ribbon as much as I do, and they let me do it.

I think I'm all caught up now.  I've also done some layouts here and there in addition to the wrapping, card and tag making.  Planning on what to make for our trip "south" on Saturday (as, rightly so, nothing is open on Christmas day...so I'll have to pack properly)


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