Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Dentist & December daily - day 9

Today I went and saw my dentist.  He said I continue to wear the flossing queen title well.  However, the tooth that I had a root canal done on about 10 years ago broke last week, and the only way to really repair it is with a crown.  The other option I have is to leave it be completely, but there is a "cave" there, and cleaning has been difficult for the past couple of days, so I don't want to leave it like that.  On to more pleasant things...  Here is my photo for today.  I received my Christmas cards from Two Scrapbook Friends.  I participated in a card swap.  I sent 10 cards a while ago, so this was really awesome to get!  Aren't they just the best?  All of the ladies took such great care in their creations.  I am proud to send them out!


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  1. Thanks for joining in the swap! Your cards were beautiful!
    Joanne xo